Our Mission

We aim to bring trust, loyalty, security and stability in money protection.

Crypto Finance Services aims to offer a multitude of benefits for crypto enthusiast. With your personal crypto account, our mission ascertains multi-currency loyalty card for cross-border payments (which includes both, Fiat and Crypto), enhanced access to e-wallet (via, web and mobile apps) followed by merchant account payments, online shopping, freelancer and other associated digital payment services.


We offer a trusted and accessible wealth management ecosystem

With limited access to worldwide payment platforms, high transaction charges, no global payment systems, Crypto Finance Services offers a single platform for managing your funds, global payment opportunities, lowest transaction charges, e-wallets, secured payment transfers to merchant accounts, loyalty cards and online shopping.

Our Features

Powered by Blockchain Technology

Crypto Finance Services is an advanced platform built on the encryption technology to safeguard your data, transactions and information. We offer safe and secure transactions within the global payment ecosystem. Integrated with multiple payment gateways, we verify user identity and manage your funds.




Global payment ecosystem for crypto transactions across personal and commercial sources



Geared with encryption technology safeguarding data and securing online crypto transactions



Managing funds in e-wallets within the ecosystem pertaining to financial growth and stability

Our Roadmap

Register with Crypto Finance Service using a few secure steps. Provide your information to get your account registered. We will verify your information and credibility to grant you complete access of the platform. Crypto Finance Service assures complete transparency communicated directly to you from your registered email address.


Crypto Finance Services is integrated with e-wallet attached to every user account connected to the master wallet assuring advanced security for funds and transactions. Geared with multiple layers of security, your wallet is secured to offer a transparent payment service. Crypto Finance Services takes the pride to offer enhanced security and stability to your funds transacted through your wallet within the global payment ecosystem.


Integrated with encryption technology powered by Blockchain, Crypto Finance Services assures high-end security to data, information, funds and transactions. The multi-layered authentication process adds a magnitude of security from theft of data, information and funds. Crypto Finance Services takes measures to promote AML and may take strong actions against users performing such actions through the platform.


Our Team

  • Geroge Daniel


    Structured Products Valuation & Modeling | Financial Engineering | Derivatives Products | Fixed Income | Structured Products | Predictive Modeling | Machine Learning | Data Analysis & Visualization | Business Modeling

  • Lily Brial


    Economic & Financial Modeling | Derivatives Product Development | Asset Management Strategies | Algorithm Design & Development | FX & IR Product Development | Business + Tokenomics Modeling & Forecasting | Data Analysis

  • Sophie Astefenia


    CPA | Investment Management | Financial Analysis & Planning |Environmental & Renewable Energy Finance | Portfolio Management & Restructuring | Risk Analysis & Asset Valuation | Digital Asset Economics

  • Drymler Murphy

    Crypto Technical Expert

    Distributed Ledger + Blockchain Analysis & Development | Blockchain & DLT Wallet Development

  • Luke Charles

    Chief Developer

    Smart Contract Development | Algorithm Development | AI Engine & Automation Systems

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